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Price is a myth

Price is a myth

Asking a creative to do something for free or cheaper as “it would be great for your portfolio” really is an insult. Yet graphic designers, photographers, artists, and copywriters hear it all the time. There are many people who try to lowball or, even worse, don’t want to pay creators for their work at all. That's rude.

Where the Magic Happens

Where the Magic Happens

When I recognised the habits that were holding me back and changed my approach, my business grew more profitable and life became less hectic. I learned that success in business is an inside job. Now, I feel and project confidence every day and in every interaction.

Outsource your Writing

Outsource your Writing

Why do decisionmakers in business hire the Sweet Orange team to write their content? There are plenty of reasons, but the main one is that it saves them a tonne of time. A good copywriter helps all aspects of your brand feel cohesive, and that will instantly make you look great and lift your game in business.

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