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Although coverage in the media and editorial space is never a given, we’ve booked some amazing results for clients with a press release or media campaign. Some examples of that here… 

Thanks to a Sweet Orange write-up and follow up, they have been featured on national TV, in popular lifestyle magazines and newspapers, scored a slot on talk show radio, or got a product placement online, all without a rate card!

We love telling stories and as we’re all ex-journalists ourselves, we know like no other what reporters, editors and producers are looking for.  It’s safe to say that the media is our domain.

Making sure that every approach is unique, innovative, creative and impactful, we’re the team that can give your story in the limelight. With the right news angle, the perfect positioning, and a great reputation, we can pitch your story with those that matter.

Our years of relationship building has given us a competitive advantage. Let us tell your story and see where that can go!  

Your Options

Press Release & Pitch 

For anyone who wants to tell their story.

This includes:

  • Brainstorm/research session 
  • A well-written press release 
  • Targeted media pitch
  • Follow up (we’ll deal with the rate cards, too) 
  • A fast turnaround (usually 2-3 days) 
  • A report on results and media coverage 

Starting from: $995 +GST

Media Training

We’ll work with you to make sure you make the best possible impact during your interviews with the press, no matter if it’s by phone, face to face, or during a press conference.

You will:

  • Know how to respond to any question
  • Know exactly what you’re going to say
  • Remain calm, concise and confident
  • Be prepared for the unexpected

Cost: POA

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