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Need a website content refresh?

Not getting  enough leads? High bounce rates? Are your competitors outshining you? Your webcopy could be the problem.

if a page isn’t performing well, take the time to consider why. Is it no longer relevant? Does it not deliver the content users are looking for? Could it convey the information in a clearer or more appealing way?

Google compares fresh content to “warm cookies right out of the oven” which is why you can’t let your website copy go stale.

If you want to stay on top of the search results, you’ll have to monitor keyword trends and update your content often, making sure it hits the right note with your audience and reflects your brand message in the best possible way.  

If you’re not getting the results you want from your website, even if it has great design and features, it’s time to refresh you website copy. Sweet Orange’s professional copywriters can help you with that! 


Your Options

Complete Audit and Copy Re-write

When you like the look & feel of your website but it isn’t converting or attracting the right audience.

This includes:

  • A (virtual) meeting to discuss your business, your market, your goals and copy expectations.  
  • A good look at your existing website copy followed by a converstation about what can be improved and why. 
  • A professional copy re-write that’s tailored to your target audience and your brand.
  • SEO – we’ll make sure all the right keywords and phrases are in the right places to attract and engage your key audience.
  • The addition of action-inspiring CTAs (Calls to Action)
  • A fast turnaround (usually 5-7 working days)

Starting from: $995 +GST

Update of a Single Sales or Landing Page

If you’re happy with your site but need a page that performs better so more people will buy, sign up or get in touch.

This includes:

  • A (virtual) meeting to discuss your business, your market, your goals and copy expectations.  
  • Professional copywriting for your landing page aimed to turn visitors into customers. It will clearly demonstrate the benefits of your product or service to your market and make it easy for them to buy or sign up.
  • SEO – all the right keywords and phrases expertly crafted throughout the text.
  • Action-inspiring CTAs (Calls to Action) in all the right places.
  • A fast turnaround (usually 3-5 working days)

Starting from $595 + GST

Get In Touch

Give Martine and her team a call or email to discuss your project and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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